29 June 2010

One Year Ago Today...

Emilija was physically placed in Lane's arms and this day is known at Gotcha Day.  Emilija was no longer just a picture we had posted on the refrigerator and looked at a thousand times a day.  She was no longer the little girl that played in my dreams.  She was ours and safely in her daddy's arms.

I still can't believe that a year has gone by.  It went by oh so fast.  Emi has changed so much in that year and I still feel like she's always been here.  Her entire life.  I love her smile when she greets me every morning.  I love that when I leave her at home with her daddy she races to the garage door with her sweet little lips puckered to give me a goodbye kiss.  I love when she charges toward me arms wide open in anticipation of a great big hug.  I love her curiosity and love of animals (she has become obsessed with the cat and looks for him all the time).  I love how even though her language hasn't developed she in her own language will tell me a story.  I love her sweet feet that I kiss on every day.  I love how she giggles when I put lotion on her after bathtime (she's so ticklish).  There are so many more things I could say I love about this girl but it would take forever!  What I love most is that she's ours and will be for always.

I am so grateful her birth mother chose life for her even if she could not provide one for her.  I'm so grateful that the Peoples Republic of China allowed us the opportunity to adopt this wonderful and precious little being. 

Happy Gotcha Day, Emilija!

Gotcha Day 2009
Today 2010


  1. A year already! Doesn't seem possible. It is wonderful to see how Emi has blossomed and grown with a family to love her. Congratulations.

  2. Happy, Happy One Year! Emi has grown so much and I love the "wild" woman she has become! She has an amazing spirit. :D

  3. Happy 1st Gotcha Day Emi and family! Glorious isn't it? Hope you celebrated by doing something fun!


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