23 November 2009

Post Surgery

Emi's surgery went well.  There were ups and downs and it was a long 24 hrs in the hospital.

 (On goofy juice.  This is one of the photos after she spent some time falling backwards into the pillow and laughing.)

Before surgery they gave her Versed (aka goofy juice) which really did make Emi goofy.  I hate to use this term but there's no other way to really describe it - she was like a drunk little person.  She'd try to take a few steps and stagger.  She was sitting on the gurney and bonked head first into the pillow and began laughing.  We laughed too and seeing us laugh, she did it repeatedly.  She was a huge entertainer while we waited.  However, that being said, although the Versed made her very happy before surgery, it made her extremely agitated after.  She could not be consoled for the life of us.  When we did calm her down, she'd sleep for about 15 to 20 minutes and it would start over again.  She also refused to open her eyes so she couldn't see that she was back with mom & dad.  Trying to put her down in the hospital crib was a big no-no.  She started to alligator roll and would get caught in the IV cord and other monitors they had.  It was not only hard on her but exhausting on us.  She finally started to open her eyes around 10 pm and calmed down a bit, but it wasn't until about midnight that she finally settled and slept for the next 6 1/2 hrs.  So for further reference, if she needs any more surgery as a child, no Versed!

 (The 1st photo is still on goofy juice.  The 2nd is her finally sleeping.  They had to put the IV in her foot and I think that was part of the problem.  They used these protective sleeves on her that I think were also making her very mad.)

Saturday morning she woke up and was a much happier girl.  She started drinking and eating even though she was swollen and likely hurting still.  Because she was eating and drinking they sent her home.

 (In the 1st photo here's a happier girl than the night before.  In the 2nd, she's giving herself shots with the syringes they used to get oral medicine into her.  We brought them home and she and Eriks like to play with them together.  Too cute!)

 Now that we've been home about 2 days she's a happy little girl who is sleeping a lot still but isn't that interested in food.  She is eating yogurt & jell-o but that's about it.  So we started making her drink Pedia*sure so that she gets the nutrients she needs still.  She's still swollen and I'm sure that's probably why she isn't eating a whole lot.  But things are moving in the right direction so that's what is important.

We are heading to San Antonio tomorrow for Thanksgiving with Lane's parents.  It's been awhile since we've been to visit them so I am looking forward to it.  I just hope we can keep Emi entertained on the airplane.

19 November 2009

Tomorrow Is the Day

Emilija is free of cough and congestion and we should be proceeding with surgery to fix the palate tomorrow.  Unfortunately it's going to be a mid-afternoon procedure and my poor baby can't eat after midnight.  So it is going to be one rough day for her.  Thankfully we can give her clear liquids, jello and popsicles until 10 am so hopefully that will give her tummy the illusion of having food in it.

I'm nervous and excited at the same time.  I just want her to be better and to not have a hole in her mouth and will be able to learn to talk.  I'm so looking forward to more than just babble coming from her.  I can't wait to hear her say Mama & Daddy.  But most of all I'm looking forward to hearing the words, "I love you" following every kiss she gives me. 

Eriks is having a really hard time dealing with Emi's surgery.  He broke down at dinner tonight.  He's my sensitive one.  He's the worrier.  We've already given a heads up to his teacher and the principal about the surgery and that he might be quite sad and fraught with worry. 

I'll try and check in tomorrow night to give an updates on how the surgery went.  I'm hoping that she's only in the hospital overnight.

12 November 2009

No Surgery Yesterday So Instead Here's the Lunch Recap

The Dr's determined that if Emi was their kid, they wouldn't do the surgery.  They said that likely there wouldn't be an issue but her congestion put her in such a gray area, they wouldn't risk it.  We didn't need her in the hospital for 1-2 weeks with pneumonia.  So it has been rescheduled for next Friday.  That is a relief.  I don't think I could wait another month or two.  Emi is getting better.  She's doing breathing treatments and getting antibiotics and cough medicine.  She actually sounded better yesterday than she did the day before and better today than yesterday. 

Last Friday we met a great group of gals and their amazing daughters at Cheesecake.Factory for lunch.  The girls we met were PM & Low-Low, Lisa & Briana, and Lisa & Maisie.  We had a blast.  The food was yummy and the company was the best!  The kids definitely had a good time.  Maisie and Briana were the oldest girls and Low-Low and Emi were the youngest.  Low-Low is only 2 1/2 months older than Emi.

Maisie and Briana playing a game on an i*Phone.  This photo is so cute!  One of my favorites of these two cuties!
Above and below are 2 photos of the 4 girls together.   They are all so cute together.  It's amazing that the 4 of us big girls were blessed with such awesome and beautiful little girls.  I really hope that even when we move away from Georgia we will have these special people in our lives.
Of course my kid is the only one not looking at the camera.  Something more important got her attention.  Such a great photo of the mommies with their girlies!!!

10 November 2009

Surgery Tomorrow

Maybe.  Surgery is scheduled for 9:55 tomorrow morning but Emi has some congestion and a cough so they may listen to her then send us home if they don't like what they hear in her lungs.  I understand the precautions they want to take but not having the surgery really stinks since we've had to wait over 2 months for this.  I want this to be over because I want Emi to start speech therapy and assume a normal life without a hole in the roof of her mouth.

It's been crazy trying to get ready for this.  We had a great lunch on Friday with some girlfriends and I have photos to post.  Hopefully I'll get around to doing that by this weekend.

01 November 2009

Halloween 2009

Our house is now flu free.  Eriks will return to school tomorrow (thank goodness!) and there will be peace once more in this currently chaotic house.

Both kids went trick-or-treating last night in the very cool, drizzly weather.  I had hoped for a much better All Hallow's Eve but at least it wasn't pouring.  It still would've been better if the kids had been out in 58-60 degree weather.

We carved our pumpkins yesterday morning.  Why?  Because we procrastinated.  With the sickness we didn't even buy them until yesterday morning.  But I think we got our pumpkins pretty cheap waiting until last minute.  So I took a picture of the inside after I had taken the top off and a picture of the finished products.  I wish I had been able to get a photo of work in progress but the kids were...well...kids and both were causing trouble.

Lane only took the kids around the block while I stayed home and passed out candy.  We had tons of candy here at the house and they were both content.  I know Emilija didn't really understand what was going on but she sure did love her costume.  I'm sure next year as she approaches age 3, she'll be more into it.  Eriks was almost 3 before he really began to enjoy it.

And this last photo is for my mom.  She & my dad sent the kids Halloween goody packages and Eriks absolutely loved this funny sucker.  So we snapped a few photos of him being silly with it. 

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