24 April 2011

Happy Easter

This isn't going to be a long post.  Just wanted to show some Easter photos.  We went to church this morning.  It was a crowded house like it usually is on holidays.  They had to put church over-flow into the school gymnasium and video feed into the gym.  We got to church 30 minutes early so that we could get an actual seat in the sanctuary and have to stand or watch in the gym. 

After church we found a restaurant for brunch.  However, by the time we got seated which was after noon, Lane and I were in no mood for brunch food and neither were the kids.  So the kids got mac 'n cheese, Lane got a burger and I had salmon.  It was still good.  They were packed and very busy.  I think the kitchen was having a hard time keeping up.  Thank goodness we decided to get an appetizer or we would've waited over an hour before our food came out.  It was after 1 when our waitress delivered our food.  It was after 2 when we left the restaurant.  But it's not like we were in a huge hurry to get home.  The kids on the other hand wanted to dive into their Easter baskets.

The rest of the day we didn't do much of anything.  I took a cat nap.  The kids watched a movie.  Hope my readers had a good Easter as well!

19 April 2011

Disney Part 1

We left for FL late Friday afternoon and hit horrible Spring Break traffic just about 25 minutes south of ATL.  It easily took us 1 hr to travel 5-8 miles.  I was not looking forward to the drive.  Anyhow, we were going to stop around 10-11 pm and get a hotel and then finish the drive in the morning.  Well, I guess everyone else had the same idea and we ended up driving all the way to Orlando and finding a hotel room there - at 3:30 am.  Note to self and everyone else - don't do what we did.  Stop sooner.  Lane and I only ended up getting about 5 hrs of sleep that night.  The kids however fell asleep sometime between 9 and 10 pm and woke up perfectly refreshed.

During our week at Disney we stayed at Bay.Lake.Tower.  It's one of the Disney Vacation Club resorts.  We rented someone's points for our stay.  It worked out cheaper this way to stay there than it would've to get a regular hotel room at one of the Disney resorts.  Plus we had a small kitchenette and a fabulous view of the Magic Kingd0m.  This was the view from our room.
Our first full day was spent at Magic Kingd0m.  We took it easy that day.  We actually went to the park late morning because Emi decided she was going to make up a code for the in-room safe and lock it shut.  So we had to wait for someone to come and take care of it so we could use it.  We had planned on starting our morning earlier.   Not much to tell about that day so I'll show you the photos.

Our 2nd day was spent at H0llywood Studios.  We had fun but it was a hot day that day.  The park was not all that busy which surprised me.  I'm glad it was on the quieter side.  We didn't have much of a wait for anything except for ToyStoryMania which we ended up not riding.  Oh well.  It's not going anywhere and will be there the next time.  We got to see a few things we haven't seen in awhile or ever.  We ended up leaving the park around 4:30ish to make a dinner reservation.  Here's the day in photos.

Well, that's part 1 of our trip.  Should have the next installment up either tomorrow or Thurs.  Looking at all these photos again makes me wish I were still there.  Can't wait for our next vacation which won't happen until July when Lane and I have an adults only trip.

18 April 2011

Spring Break Sneak Peak

Here are a few photos of our Spring Break trip to FL.  We've been super busy trying to get life in order since we got back.  The house we're under contract for is at the forefront followed by planning Lane's retirement.  I would love to spend more time blogging but with the above and trying to sort our lives and decide what we will take with us and what we will get rid of, I'm massively overwhelmed.  I really wish I had family around to help with all of this.  My mom is queen of organization and although I strive to follow in her shoes, it just hasn't happened much and it's very frustrating because I am massively OCD about some things.  Lane can vouch for me.  We've accumulated 15 yrs worth of stuff not sure what we'll need or not need at the next place.  Well, now that we now the next place is indefinite, it's time to discard of all the stuff I don't want in that house.  And there's enough of it.

I'll probably be blogging about Spring Break in 2 or 3 posts.  Look for the first blog post in the next few days.
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