27 January 2010


Emi is definitely about to turn 2.  She is into EVERYTHING!!!  Her fascination right now is technology, especially phones.  She will seek them out.  She unbeknownst has not only called Lane (on more than one occasion) and my brother she has also sent texts to Lane and my mom.  She has called Lane from our home phone by hitting redial without me knowing.  I'm busy doing whatever I need to be doing at the time and I'll get a call from Lane asking if I called.  Umm, no.  Must've been Emi.

The other night she didn't realize I was sitting on the floor next to my bed.  She toddled in and went straight to Lane's nightstand searching for some sort of goodies.  Of course sitting there was his work Crackberry and his personal cell.  Did she choose one?  Oh, no.  She had to have both.  I crawled around the bed where she couldn't see me with camera in hand and got this photo.  Because I was on my hands and knees and trying not to be seen, the photo came out a little blurry but she got caught red handed. 

The funny bit about all of this is if she's playing with remotes, i*Pods, phones or rummaging through drawers if she gets caught she'll react in a few different ways.  One, she'll jump because she doesn't expect to turn around and see us.  Two, she'll just laugh and smile or three, she'll smile and put it back exactly where she found it.  I have seen her open the drawer she hauled whatever it was out of, and place it nicely back where I left it.  She doesn't just throw it back in, she'll actually put it where it was.  In the case of getting caught in the photo below, she smiled at me after I took the photo.  What a stinker!!

26 January 2010

Birthday Invite

There hasn't been much going on in our world.  Lane's working his butt off right now.  It's funny how his job can have these long periods of slow time but then in the blink of an eye he's crazy busy.  This week he has not 1 but 2 airplanes to deal with.  Then there should be a lull until the end of March. 

I am working on getting things ready for Emi's birthday party in a few weeks up in Indiana.  We're having it up there with our family and a few friends.  We made a big deal out of Eriks 1st birthday with our family.  Since we didn't even know Emi on her 1st birthday we are going to make up for it on her 2nd birthday.  We are having a Hello Kitty themed party and with a little bit of time and hard work, I made her invites.  I just thought it would be more fun than buying them.  My mom thinks the 3 hrs I put into 15 invites was way more than she would've given.  I thought I'd give a glimpse of the invite.  The invite is only the top part as I don't want to broadcast to the world my cell number or my parents address.

Pretty cute, right???

Eriks went to the dentist yesterday for a teeth cleaning.  As always, no cavities.  We have to go back next month to have them seal his molars to prevent cavities.  I don't remember this being around when I was a kid.  They got really annoyed with me when I said I didn't want X-rays done if the insurance wouldn't pay for it.  I only had them done once a year as a kid.  Not every time I went to the dentist.  I'm not too thrilled with the pediatric dentist Eriks goes to now, but we don't have much of a choice with our insurance.  One of the offices I was interested in taking Eriks to wasn't taking new patients.  I might have to call them back again after he has his teeth sealed to see if they are yet.  The current dentist is like a cattle call.  You go from one waiting area, to another.  Then they take you back to the cleaning chair and you wait until a hygienist is available.  They don't have enough of them for the amount of cleaning chairs they have.  After cleaning instead of the dentist making rounds to the chairs, they herd you into another waiting room until you get called into the exam room.  I don't like it at all.  It's impersonal.  When we were still in Arkansas Eriks went to the best dentist!  The hygienists were awesome.  They were gentle and not in a hurry.  The dentist was awesome and I knew Eriks would see him every visit.  At the current dentists office, you don't know which one you're going to see since there are like 10 of them and in the 2 visits we've had, it's been 2 different dentists.  How I long for the old dentist...

We're still hoping Emi's aid comes in this week and she'll start hearing.  Although she isn't talking she is progressing with sign and she has come up with her own word.  Every time she sees our cat George she says, "Moe" and points to him.  The 1st time I thought it was a fluke.  But she kept repeating it.  So cat for her is moe. 

Until next time...

24 January 2010

Bleeding Blue & White

It's no secret that we are huge Indianapolis Colts fans in this house.  How can I not be having been born and spending the majority of my life living in Indiana!  Now with our beloved Colts on their way to the Super Bowl again, I can post some cute photos of the kids that I took for a calendar I ordered for my parents.

17 January 2010

The Big Red Chair

Eriks and Emi were having a bit of cuddle time together on our big red chair yesterday afternoon.  It was so cute to see the two of them together under the blanket watching TV.  Emi wasn't so much into the TV as she was just sitting there like a big girl with her brother.

14 January 2010

Midnight Snack

A few nights ago Emi decided she didn't want to eat anything but french fries at dinner and not very many of them at that.  So at 11:30ish that night it wasn't surprising that she woke up starving.  So Lane trotted downstairs to the fridge and brought up a cheese stick for her to eat.  She went nuts when she saw it.  We allowed her to sit in our bed and snack.  She thought this was the coolest thing next to sliced bread.  I was having so much fun watching her have a ball I snapped some photos.  She had pretty wild hair too because she had a bath that night.

10 January 2010

6 Months Ago

She looked like this in my arms:

She was a tiny unsure little girl.  She was light as a feather. 
This is what she looks like today:

She's a smart, silly, and very out going little girl.  Today as I was trying to snap a picture for this post, she gave me nothing but attitude.  She's such a little diva.  I tried to get her to sit pretty on the stairs and she insisted she had to lay across them.  Again, total diva.  But I love her so much.  It's hard not to laugh at her when she pulls these stunts.  She is the character out of both kids.  Eriks is the serious one.  Her hair has gotten longer but I wish it would grow faster! 

Emilija is now only 1 size behind clothes she should be wearing.  She should be approaching 24 mos or 2T clothes and this week I went out and bought 18 month jeans and pants because her little belly no longer fits in the 12 mos sizes.  I have been buying her 18 mos tops.  We are so thankful she is catching up and I also had to buy her new shoes.  The size 4's she was wearing in September do not fit anymore so I bought 5's and 1 pair of 6's. 

We celebrated her 6 months of being home with this yummy creation from Sam's.Club.

And it seriously was delicious.  They will be making Emi's birthday cake next month.

As far as the other things going on in our life...
- Eriks didn't have school on Friday because of the "snow" we got Thursday afternoon/night.  There was really nothing there but the problem is that the super wet roads turned to ice overnight when the temps dropped to 15F.  In our county alone there were over 350 accidents reported on Friday.  Everything will be back to normal tomorrow.
- In other news, in yesterday's mail, Lane received a big envelope from Georgia State accepting him to their law school beginning this fall.  YAY!!!!  Lane had been stressing over this for months.  This is a big weight off of his shoulders knowing that he will indeed by attending law school in the fall.
- I'm still healing from surgery.  It's getting better.  Still can't drive until Friday.  My abdomen has taken on darker shades of purple and blue with bruises.  Amazing how it's doing that.  It looks worse than it did on surgery day.
- We've got Emi's hearing aid consult next week.  So can't wait.  I'm ready to watch her react to sounds for the 1st time and start living life in a hearing world.

08 January 2010

Additional Walt Disney World Photos

I finally got photos from my mom's camera of our trip.  She got some really great ones too!

05 January 2010


I had surgery yesterday to replace my ICD/pacemaker.  Unfortunately, when I got mine 3yrs and 4mos ago, I was implanted with one that had a defect that caused the battery to drain much faster than it should have.  My device should've lasted 5-7 yrs.  So I went under local anesthesia with very heavy sedation and they changed it out with a new one.  I have a different model but it's the same manufacturer.  Hopefully this one will last longer than 3 yrs!!  I'm doing pretty well.  I can't lift anything more than 5 lbs for 10 days.  They don't want me tearing my stitches.  Eriks understands, unfortunately Emi does not.  Poor baby girl wants me to pick her up and I can't.  Also no bathing for 10 days.  Thank goodness for soap and wash cloths as well as husbands to help wash hair.  My abdomen is quite sore.  I feel like I've done 1000 sit ups.

Eriks went back to school today.  He was happy about it.  So was I.  We're getting back to normal.  My mom is in town helping me out with Emi.  Lane took me to the hospital yesterday for the surgery.  He stayed home with me today as well.  I think he might wait until Thursday to go back to work.  Luckily he has a great boss who told him to take all the time he needs while I recover.

I hope we get Emi's birth certificate soon from the state so that we can head to the SS office and get her her SS number.  Plus, we need it to get the ball rolling on getting the adoption reimbursement from Lane's employer.  Can't do it without the court finalized papers and her new birth certificate.  I'm happy the adoption has been finalized but also a bit sad.  She's going to get a birth certificate from the state of Georgia but she wasn't born here.  It's kind of a lie.  It's almost as though all of her history is attempting to be washed away or covered up.  I know it's not true because Lane and I won't allow it.  We have all of her Chinese paperwork which we have kept for her.  I'd like to get a better copy of her finding ad.  I might have to find out how to do that.  All we have is this itty bitty piece of paper that is a copy.  You can barely read the Chinese characters or see her face.  I'd like a better one.  There's so much I need to do including working on her scrapbook.  My goal is to start everything this weekend.
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