26 January 2010

Birthday Invite

There hasn't been much going on in our world.  Lane's working his butt off right now.  It's funny how his job can have these long periods of slow time but then in the blink of an eye he's crazy busy.  This week he has not 1 but 2 airplanes to deal with.  Then there should be a lull until the end of March. 

I am working on getting things ready for Emi's birthday party in a few weeks up in Indiana.  We're having it up there with our family and a few friends.  We made a big deal out of Eriks 1st birthday with our family.  Since we didn't even know Emi on her 1st birthday we are going to make up for it on her 2nd birthday.  We are having a Hello Kitty themed party and with a little bit of time and hard work, I made her invites.  I just thought it would be more fun than buying them.  My mom thinks the 3 hrs I put into 15 invites was way more than she would've given.  I thought I'd give a glimpse of the invite.  The invite is only the top part as I don't want to broadcast to the world my cell number or my parents address.

Pretty cute, right???

Eriks went to the dentist yesterday for a teeth cleaning.  As always, no cavities.  We have to go back next month to have them seal his molars to prevent cavities.  I don't remember this being around when I was a kid.  They got really annoyed with me when I said I didn't want X-rays done if the insurance wouldn't pay for it.  I only had them done once a year as a kid.  Not every time I went to the dentist.  I'm not too thrilled with the pediatric dentist Eriks goes to now, but we don't have much of a choice with our insurance.  One of the offices I was interested in taking Eriks to wasn't taking new patients.  I might have to call them back again after he has his teeth sealed to see if they are yet.  The current dentist is like a cattle call.  You go from one waiting area, to another.  Then they take you back to the cleaning chair and you wait until a hygienist is available.  They don't have enough of them for the amount of cleaning chairs they have.  After cleaning instead of the dentist making rounds to the chairs, they herd you into another waiting room until you get called into the exam room.  I don't like it at all.  It's impersonal.  When we were still in Arkansas Eriks went to the best dentist!  The hygienists were awesome.  They were gentle and not in a hurry.  The dentist was awesome and I knew Eriks would see him every visit.  At the current dentists office, you don't know which one you're going to see since there are like 10 of them and in the 2 visits we've had, it's been 2 different dentists.  How I long for the old dentist...

We're still hoping Emi's aid comes in this week and she'll start hearing.  Although she isn't talking she is progressing with sign and she has come up with her own word.  Every time she sees our cat George she says, "Moe" and points to him.  The 1st time I thought it was a fluke.  But she kept repeating it.  So cat for her is moe. 

Until next time...


  1. Those invites are soooo cute!

    I'm not sure who you are going to for a dentist for Eriks, but let me know so I don't go there! LOL! I need to take Bri soon. I have a pediatric dentist in mind...

  2. I love your invites. I have to confess to being totally uncrafty, so I bought Hannahs: and they were Kitty too :)

    Your experience at the dentist sounds horrible! Hope you can change to somewhere nicer soon.

  3. Oh!! She is probably saying cat in Chinese- māo.

    Hello Kitty is big in our home too.

  4. I'd believe the mao for cat in Chinese if she didn't have profound hearing loss in one ear and 80% hearing loss in the other. I think a lot of it is just sounds she has made up for a language all of her own. She babbles Mama all the time but it is never directed at me. Hearing aid should come in this week.


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