05 January 2010


I had surgery yesterday to replace my ICD/pacemaker.  Unfortunately, when I got mine 3yrs and 4mos ago, I was implanted with one that had a defect that caused the battery to drain much faster than it should have.  My device should've lasted 5-7 yrs.  So I went under local anesthesia with very heavy sedation and they changed it out with a new one.  I have a different model but it's the same manufacturer.  Hopefully this one will last longer than 3 yrs!!  I'm doing pretty well.  I can't lift anything more than 5 lbs for 10 days.  They don't want me tearing my stitches.  Eriks understands, unfortunately Emi does not.  Poor baby girl wants me to pick her up and I can't.  Also no bathing for 10 days.  Thank goodness for soap and wash cloths as well as husbands to help wash hair.  My abdomen is quite sore.  I feel like I've done 1000 sit ups.

Eriks went back to school today.  He was happy about it.  So was I.  We're getting back to normal.  My mom is in town helping me out with Emi.  Lane took me to the hospital yesterday for the surgery.  He stayed home with me today as well.  I think he might wait until Thursday to go back to work.  Luckily he has a great boss who told him to take all the time he needs while I recover.

I hope we get Emi's birth certificate soon from the state so that we can head to the SS office and get her her SS number.  Plus, we need it to get the ball rolling on getting the adoption reimbursement from Lane's employer.  Can't do it without the court finalized papers and her new birth certificate.  I'm happy the adoption has been finalized but also a bit sad.  She's going to get a birth certificate from the state of Georgia but she wasn't born here.  It's kind of a lie.  It's almost as though all of her history is attempting to be washed away or covered up.  I know it's not true because Lane and I won't allow it.  We have all of her Chinese paperwork which we have kept for her.  I'd like to get a better copy of her finding ad.  I might have to find out how to do that.  All we have is this itty bitty piece of paper that is a copy.  You can barely read the Chinese characters or see her face.  I'd like a better one.  There's so much I need to do including working on her scrapbook.  My goal is to start everything this weekend.


  1. Sorry to hear you needed surgery, but glad to hear it went well. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

    I have the same feelings over the changes to paperwork. Here in Slovakia when they finalise they make a new birth certificate with my name as the mother. They also change the entry in the birth registry to put my name as the mother. Well yes, I am the mother - but I did not give birth to Hannah, and like you I feel that it is an erasing of the past.

    Still, all any of us can do is the best we can!

    Hope you feel better soon! Best wishes.

  2. Sorry that you had to have surgery sooner than expected. I'm sending good thoughts that you're feeling 100% very soon and that your new pacemaker is a winner and keeps you ticking for a very long time.

  3. Feel better soon!

    As for the finding ad, I can give you info on how to do that. We got a much clearer copy than the one we got in China.

    Bri's State of GA birth certificate says "Certificate of Foreign Birth" on it. I have Briana's Chinese birth certificate and I will place it in the older lifebook I plan on making for her. It will have all her important paperwork in it. I wish I had more for her, but I will give her everything I do have.

    I'm sure I will see you soon!!!

  4. Wishing you a speedy recovery! And yeah! for you about starting her lifebook. I'm such a huge supporter of that. The birth certificate thing is kind of ridiculous, I know, but it is so helpful when they start school and sports and such. And it's up to us to preserve ALL of their documents - our actions are what make the difference in that.

  5. Glad to hear the procedure went well and you're recovering.


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