24 October 2012


Like my blog title says, "Never a Dull Moment..."  Doctors appointments for me mostly, but some for the kids.  The kids started back at Latvian school a few days after my last post.  Lane's in over his head with school work.  I started oxygen therapy which is helping but now I have a sinus infection that I have to find time to treat (making an appointment to see my primary doctor and get on antibiotics).   Eriks is starting Cub Scouts.  We have birthday parties the next 3 weekends in a row that one or both kids is attending.  There will likely be another one somewhere toward the end of November.  It's complete chaos right now.

I have at least one thing I need to blog about but I still haven't even uploaded photos from it.

I'll try to catch up soon.  I really want to.  Just need to find the time.
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