24 October 2012


Like my blog title says, "Never a Dull Moment..."  Doctors appointments for me mostly, but some for the kids.  The kids started back at Latvian school a few days after my last post.  Lane's in over his head with school work.  I started oxygen therapy which is helping but now I have a sinus infection that I have to find time to treat (making an appointment to see my primary doctor and get on antibiotics).   Eriks is starting Cub Scouts.  We have birthday parties the next 3 weekends in a row that one or both kids is attending.  There will likely be another one somewhere toward the end of November.  It's complete chaos right now.

I have at least one thing I need to blog about but I still haven't even uploaded photos from it.

I'll try to catch up soon.  I really want to.  Just need to find the time.


  1. I hear you on the finding time front. Only just got an update done myself that was long overdue! Hope you are feeling better now and the oxygen therapy is helping too. Good luck with surving the kids parties - exhausting times ahead before you even hit Thanksgiving and Christmas! Take it easy!

  2. I just want to know how shooting the wedding went! I didn't see you comment on it anywhere after you did it! (I might have missed something...)


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