05 September 2012

Here Kitty, Kitty

This weekend as it poured here thanks to the remnants of TS Isaac, I pulled out my camera and decided to play with it.  Practicing focus, ISO, lighting, aperture, etc.  Especially with my first job shooting a wedding coming up.  My kids were hiding in the basement in front of the DVD player and I had to find a good subject so I picked this handsome little guy.
His name is George.  He's almost 15 if you can believe it and loves me unconditionally even after I yell at him for puking on the carpet or under my bed (which thankfully doesn't happen often).  Don't get me wrong, I love Lane and the kids more than anything but this little guy is my living teddy bear.  He follows me everywhere like a little puppy.  He's insane.  Chases laser lights, string, feathers and other cat toys like a 6 month old kitten, not a 15 year old cat.  Stares at shadows on the walls.  Seriously hilarious to watch him do that.  He helps keep our bug and spider problem to a minimum because he kills and then happily eats them.  A little protein can't hurt right?  He loves his stomach rubbed - completely unusual for a cat.  His most interesting quirk has to be his nightly ritual.  Sometimes it happens right before we shut out the lights.  Sometimes he does it right after the lights go out.  But with out fail, every. single. night, this little furball will go into our master bath where his food and water are kept, eat or drink a little and then like a lightning bolt, run like hell from the master bath out of our room and down the hallway and back.  If the lights are on when he does this ritual, he'll run back into the room and look at us like, "You got a problem with me doing that?"  Every night, it causes me to have the same response - a giggle and a shake of my head.  Lights on or off I shake my head and giggle.  I have no idea what I'm going to do when the day comes that I go to bed and I no longer hear or see it.  It will be extremely hard and weird. Crazy, lovable George.


  1. He looks so young, it must be that mad bed time ritual. Perhaps I'll give it a try.


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