24 April 2011

Happy Easter

This isn't going to be a long post.  Just wanted to show some Easter photos.  We went to church this morning.  It was a crowded house like it usually is on holidays.  They had to put church over-flow into the school gymnasium and video feed into the gym.  We got to church 30 minutes early so that we could get an actual seat in the sanctuary and have to stand or watch in the gym. 

After church we found a restaurant for brunch.  However, by the time we got seated which was after noon, Lane and I were in no mood for brunch food and neither were the kids.  So the kids got mac 'n cheese, Lane got a burger and I had salmon.  It was still good.  They were packed and very busy.  I think the kitchen was having a hard time keeping up.  Thank goodness we decided to get an appetizer or we would've waited over an hour before our food came out.  It was after 1 when our waitress delivered our food.  It was after 2 when we left the restaurant.  But it's not like we were in a huge hurry to get home.  The kids on the other hand wanted to dive into their Easter baskets.

The rest of the day we didn't do much of anything.  I took a cat nap.  The kids watched a movie.  Hope my readers had a good Easter as well!

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  1. Love, love, love the photo of the kidlets with their easter baskets, they look like they are about to explode.


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