06 May 2011

Disney Part 2

I, in no way intended to go this long between posts.  I had planned on posting early last week and then the dreaded stomach bug hit me and I was done for the next 48 hours.  All of us got the bug, but Eriks started it and of course, I got it the worst!  I was so very, very sick.  My mom flew in on Tuesday to help while I was away and her first day here she ended up taking care of the kids because I was still sick from the night before and Lane got sick that afternoon after picking her up from the airport.  My mom was a lifesaver that day!  After 48 hours of feeling like death and fear it would never go away, I was packing for a trip out West and then hopping on a plane Thursday morning.  Jet leg kicked my butt after getting back earlier this week.  I think I'm finally to the point where I feel almost normal again.  Almost.

So continuing on with our fun Spring Break trip...

Tuesday morning it rained all morning.  It was also quite cool that day.  We watched TV in the room during the morning.  There really wasn't anywhere we wanted to trek to in the rain.  We knew the rain was going to be there all morning so we decided that was going to be our 1 day not hitting the parks.  Once the rain let up late morning, we headed to Downtown.Disney for lunch and some shopping.  No pictures taken at DTD that day.

Wednesday we went to Epcot.  The weather was sunny and the temps got very warm that day.  The kids had a great day.  We started out in The Land.  Checked out the Nemo ride and watched the dolphins swim.  Emi liked that.  She thought it was funny watching them.  Rode Living with the Land and then had lunch.  We ended up getting fastpasses earlier that day for Soarin' because that ride is always packed.  Emi's too little still to ride it so Eriks got to ride it twice.  He first went with me and then once we got done, he went with Lane while I hung out with Emi.  When Eriks and I rode it, we ran into a family from our school.  The kids recognized Eriks and started talking to him.

Once we were done with the Land, we wandered over to Future World.  Wandered around looking at the flowers since the Flower and Garden Festival was going on.  The kids got their faces painted and then wandered back into World Showcase.  Rode some of the rides back there and then it was time for our dinner reservation.  After dinner we decided we were done and ready to go back.  We had been on the go since before 9 and it was already after 6:30.  We sat on the balcony for awhile and then got the kids ready for bed.

I'll wrap up our trip in the next post.  We only have 1 more day of our vacation and we wrapped it up in the Magic.Kingdom (aka. the Happiest Place on Earth).

Enjoy the photos!

I need to backtrack a little bit.  I forgot that in my Disney Part 1 post we ended up at Epcot after spending the day in DHS.  I think the reason I forgot is because I hadn't yet uploaded the photos from my other camera.  Our dinner reservation was at Chefs.de.France in World Showcase.  One of the highlights of dinner is we got to see Remy from R@tatouille.  The kids loved it!  So here are the photos I didn't post from that part of our day.  Sorry!

 Eriks imitating one of his favorite villains! 

 Remy is animated!  He moved and looked at the kids and interacted with them.  He squeaked when he was talking.  It was really cute.  I wanted to take him home!
Emi and her ice cream!  Actually this was raspberry sorbet but this is her addiction.  She'll take ice cream over any other dessert you offer her.

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  1. Great pics! The face painting was so good. That was cool you actually ran into someone from school among thousands of people! I'm glad you had a wonderful time. Maybe one of these days I'll be able to go to Disney World or Land. I look forward to seeing more pics : )


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