19 November 2009

Tomorrow Is the Day

Emilija is free of cough and congestion and we should be proceeding with surgery to fix the palate tomorrow.  Unfortunately it's going to be a mid-afternoon procedure and my poor baby can't eat after midnight.  So it is going to be one rough day for her.  Thankfully we can give her clear liquids, jello and popsicles until 10 am so hopefully that will give her tummy the illusion of having food in it.

I'm nervous and excited at the same time.  I just want her to be better and to not have a hole in her mouth and will be able to learn to talk.  I'm so looking forward to more than just babble coming from her.  I can't wait to hear her say Mama & Daddy.  But most of all I'm looking forward to hearing the words, "I love you" following every kiss she gives me. 

Eriks is having a really hard time dealing with Emi's surgery.  He broke down at dinner tonight.  He's my sensitive one.  He's the worrier.  We've already given a heads up to his teacher and the principal about the surgery and that he might be quite sad and fraught with worry. 

I'll try and check in tomorrow night to give an updates on how the surgery went.  I'm hoping that she's only in the hospital overnight.


  1. Poor Eriks - I hope he is busy enough at school he doesn't have time to worry.

    Best wishes that everything goes smoothly and Emi has a quick recovery.

  2. Hi! We're thinking of you all here in Texas. We travelled with your Mom and husband and were so smitten with your sweet, smiley girl. Looking forward to the next update. Happy Thanksgiving!


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