10 November 2009

Surgery Tomorrow

Maybe.  Surgery is scheduled for 9:55 tomorrow morning but Emi has some congestion and a cough so they may listen to her then send us home if they don't like what they hear in her lungs.  I understand the precautions they want to take but not having the surgery really stinks since we've had to wait over 2 months for this.  I want this to be over because I want Emi to start speech therapy and assume a normal life without a hole in the roof of her mouth.

It's been crazy trying to get ready for this.  We had a great lunch on Friday with some girlfriends and I have photos to post.  Hopefully I'll get around to doing that by this weekend.


  1. Hope that all went well today and that Emi was clear enough so that they could operate. If it did happen, hope that Emi is doing well.

  2. Did the surgery happen? How are y'all doing? I prayed for you today.


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