12 November 2009

No Surgery Yesterday So Instead Here's the Lunch Recap

The Dr's determined that if Emi was their kid, they wouldn't do the surgery.  They said that likely there wouldn't be an issue but her congestion put her in such a gray area, they wouldn't risk it.  We didn't need her in the hospital for 1-2 weeks with pneumonia.  So it has been rescheduled for next Friday.  That is a relief.  I don't think I could wait another month or two.  Emi is getting better.  She's doing breathing treatments and getting antibiotics and cough medicine.  She actually sounded better yesterday than she did the day before and better today than yesterday. 

Last Friday we met a great group of gals and their amazing daughters at Cheesecake.Factory for lunch.  The girls we met were PM & Low-Low, Lisa & Briana, and Lisa & Maisie.  We had a blast.  The food was yummy and the company was the best!  The kids definitely had a good time.  Maisie and Briana were the oldest girls and Low-Low and Emi were the youngest.  Low-Low is only 2 1/2 months older than Emi.

Maisie and Briana playing a game on an i*Phone.  This photo is so cute!  One of my favorites of these two cuties!
Above and below are 2 photos of the 4 girls together.   They are all so cute together.  It's amazing that the 4 of us big girls were blessed with such awesome and beautiful little girls.  I really hope that even when we move away from Georgia we will have these special people in our lives.
Of course my kid is the only one not looking at the camera.  Something more important got her attention.  Such a great photo of the mommies with their girlies!!!


  1. Sorry that the surgery didn't happen as planned but better safe than sorry. Lunch was fun and Maisie and I can't wait to meet up again. Good luck next Friday, hope that the surgery happens and that it all goes smoothly.

  2. I checked into your blog last night to see how Miss Emi was doing. I'm sorry the surgery didn't happen, but I'm wishing you the best next Friday.

    Lunch was so fun! I hope to do it again soon!

    Loved Disney World! Loved the Polynesian! I bet you can't wait to get there. :)

  3. We'll be praying next Friday and waiting to hear an update. And I'm so glad y'all have been able to meet locally with blogging friends - none of my in-state friends IRL blog. Tell Pug Mama that we miss her and her blog.

  4. Happy gathering of friends! Loved he picture of the four girls. Cuties!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  5. Sorry the surgery got postponed and hope your girl is better in time for the reschedule. Thinking of you.


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