24 June 2010

She's C-R-A-Z-Y, But I Love Her Anyway

Emilija is definitely sticking to the stereotypical spiciness of girls from Hunan Province, China.  With Emi, you never know what she's going to do next.  Hence the inspiration for the title of my blog.  There is very rarely a dull moment around here.  I've neglected posting photos of the kiddos.  So this is my update on them but more specifically about Emi because she's done some interesting things lately.

The first recent Emi craziness was nearly 2 weeks ago.  We went to dinner with our dear friend Liz.  That was the night Eriks got sick during dinner and slept in the booth almost the whole time.  The next day we found out he had strep throat.  Upon returning home, Eriks was immediately put to bed.  After Emi got dressed for bed way past her usual bedtime, she became wild!  She ran circles around her room.  Falling down several times on purpose and laughing every time she did.  Of course how could Lane and I not laugh either.  Then she pulled this:
She got into her American.Girl doll bed and tucked herself in for the night.  She thought it was hysterical.  It was funny.  We finally got her to settle down (sort of) and put her in her real bed.

A few days later she found Eriks karate gear and decided to play dress up.  Eriks took a hiatus from karate at the beginning of the year and hadn't done it since then.  Just this week he decided to give it a try again.  But what was amazing about all this was that she knew, without prompting what to do with it all.  She put the vest on, the foot protectors, the headgear and she even knew that the mouthpiece was meant to go in her mouth.  It was really cute and how could I not take photos of her in her martial art glory.  
In recent weeks Eriks has decided he no longer wants to sleep by himself.  Why?  We're not sure.  He doesn't think it's fair the dogs and cat sleep with us in our room.  So we try and encourage the dogs to sleep in his room but it doesn't always work.  And Sydney if he's not sleeping in our room will sleep in Emi's.  He's always been the protector.  Especially of the babies.  As soon as Emi came home from China, he was almost on a constant basis in her room when she was sleeping.  Whether it be at night or at naptime.  He was the same way with Eriks when he was really little.  I love that about this dog and will miss it when he's no longer with us.  The first night Eriks decided he wasn't going to sleep by himself I went into his room to put something away.  This was hours after his bedtime.  I looked into his bed and realized there was no one there.  So a frantic search of the house for our son was on.  This is where we found him:
This has happened several times since then.  He gets put back in his bed because Emi's crib is just not big enough for the both of them.  But it is sweet that he wants to be with his sister and not by himself.

And the last bit of recent craziness came from Emi last night.  We were finishing up coconut creme pie from Father's Day.  Emi decided that it wasn't only delicious, but made for a great facial.  We took out the video camera too.  Hopefully I can get some stuff uploaded and posted here.  I'm behind in video posting.  It was funny watching her smear it on her face and then lick her fingers.  Of course she was promptly given a bath afterward.
 We're just waiting to see what our kids will do next!

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  1. Eriks getting in bed with his sister is the cutest thing EVER!!! And love the pie face!


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