19 October 2009

Wild Thing...

...you make my heart sing!!!

This hugely silly girl was having a truly wild night after her bath on Saturday.  Her hair was everywhere and absolutely hilarious.  It's almost as if the bath completely gave her a second wind for the night and she was screaming/making loud noises and being her typical clown self.  These photos were just too cute not to share.

Emi is now giving kisses to all of us all the time.  This is a HUGE thing because she's learned that this is one of the ways we show love.  She hasn't gotten the concept of pursing her lips together to kiss, but she does the typical open-mouth sloppy, drool kiss her brother did when he first started giving kisses too.  She'll learn.  She even gives the dogs kisses.

Hoping to get some good photos of Eriks to post soon.  He's just so busy that I don't get around to taking photos of him.


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