25 October 2009

Friday Halloween Playdate

While Eriks was away in school all day.  We got invited to a girls get together at Lisa & Briana's home.  Also at the party was Angela and her girls - Haylee and Laney, Lisa S. and Maisie and Amy and Mary Lin. 

The girls played for awhile and then we did crafts.  Emi is too small to do it on her own, but I had her help beat down the stuff we were gluing with her hand.  She was more interested in other stuff but what do you expect from an almost 21 month old?

The lunch was fabulous both for the kids and the adults.  Emilija devoured her PBJ and fruit.  The adult lunch was so good too.  I made one of my favorite snacks - Swiss & Bacon Dip.  It was a hit.  The dip was a favorite among our bunco group back in Little Rock and the recipe can be found here.

I do not like my little point and shoot but didn't feel like dragging my DSLR with me so unfortunately I didn't take many photos.  I did make treat bags for all the kids that were a hit too.  I like being crafty and so when I get the chance to make something cute, I do (see photo above - aren't they cute?)  Oh, I did not make the veggie skeleton.  That was made by Angela.  Just posted the picture because he was too cute not to.


  1. How fun! Those treat bags are very cute :)

    That Veggie skeleton is amazing. What a cool idea!

  2. I'm so glad you and Emi were able to join us! That dip you brought was soooo delish!! I am definitely using that one! I'll be seeing you soon!!!

  3. I love your Veggie Man, especially the ribs. What a great Halloween treat.

  4. Thank you for the treat bag for Maisie, she was so excited to receive all that candy!! Your dip was delish, I'm going to head over and note the recipe. See you soon.


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