27 October 2009

Photos of the Kids

I had some miscellaneous photos to post.  Most of them are of Emi but one is of Eriks.  The 1st two photos that include Eriks and Emi were taken last weekend at Steak.n.Shake.  We went to run errands after church and before we made a dangerous trip to Sam's-Club we figured we needed to eat lunch 1st.  Emi loves to color.  She may be the artist.  Eriks is liking drawing more now but when he was Emi's age, he wanted nothing to do with it.  Emi on the other hand will sit and doodle for a long time.

The last 3 pictures are of Emi with a pigtail and bow in her head.  When she came home she had very little hair.  You can go to the old blog here and see what she looked like when she came home.  I was worried it would never grow.  It is still short, but it is growing fast and is now long enough to put the top part in a small pigtail and clip a bow.  Yesterday she was wearing blue & white.  The colors of our favorite NFL team who are currently undefeated.  It was so cute.  Most of the time she leaves it in her head but she also thinks it's fun to pull it out from time to time.  I think she's so cute with bows in her hair. 

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