15 October 2009

Girly With a Twist

Emilija is a funny little thing because with her you never know what to expect.  She is our family clown.  She'll try and do anything to get a laugh and usually does.  I've always been the one with the sense of humor and I still have one, but she's proved to be stiff competition.

The week before last, she had finished breakfast and bolted into the other room.  Lane was home with me that morning because he had something he had to do so we were a little curious as to what she was up to this time and not even a minute later, we see this:

Now seriously, how can you not laugh at that??  She was pushing her doll in the stroller with one hand and waving Eriks' Ner.f sword with the other.  You can put a tu-tu on her which she loves, but she'll be kicking a soccer ball a few minutes later while wearing the tu-tu.  The pushing of the doll stroller and the sword swinging went on for a few minutes. 

There is very rarely a dull moment with Emi in our lives. 


  1. It's Princess Leia - after the final star war!

  2. LOL! She is too stinkin' cute! Definitely a girlie-girl and tomboy rolled into one. :)

  3. Yup, I'm with Tonggu Momma - clearly Princess Leia is her role model. What exceptionally good taste :)

  4. The girls still demand to see blog posts about Emi all the time! We had to look at this one twice! Our little Jedi Princess!


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