30 June 2012

Beating the Heat

The week started out nice with temps hovering around 84 or 85 degrees and nearly no humidity.  However, things quickly changed on Wednesday and got increasingly worse the rest of the week.  Wednesday we hit the low 90's.  Thursday we set a record high with Indy hitting 104 and our little suburb outside of Indy officially hitting 106.  Yesterday we hit 100 with the heat index at 112 around 3pm but within 45 minutes we had a nice storm roll in and it cooled us down slightly.  Within hours though we were back up to the upper 80's and it was humid.  Today we're back up in the 90's and humid again and no relief in sight for the next 10 days.  We're looking at low to mid 90's all next week. Not that I mind terribly other than it causes my air conditioner to run nonstop but gives us a great excuse to stay cool in the pool.

So Wednesday and Thursday we were in the pool at my mom and dad's house most of the afternoon.  The kids love it.  Emi especially.  She's jumping into the 8 ft deep end with her water wings and just zipping all over the pool with those little legs propelling her wherever she wants to go.  We're hoping to have her swimming water wing free by the end of the summer.  It's not easy teaching a deaf child how to swim when your ASL is not up to par and she can't hear you tell her what she needs to be doing.  She's got the kicking down, she's just not getting the hang of moving her arms too.  Eriks is a pretty good swimmer but we need to work on him learning how to tread water for at least 5 minutes.  We also would like him to learn how to dive.

We'll likely be back in the pool tomorrow beating the heat.  Why not?  It's in my parents' backyard and it's free.  Plus the sun is making me a bit more healthy looking by putting some color in my pale purplish skin.  I'm also getting some exercise and working muscles which in turn makes me tired so I'm sleeping better at night.  Can't complain about that.

Enjoy the photos from our time in the pool Thursday.


  1. Agh, I need a pool! It's 36 here today (celsius, which in F is hot because Europe doesn't believe in air conditioning) and I just want to lay in the tub all day. Thanks for the pictures, it was almost as good as the real thing!

  2. Your kiddies make me smile.
    Your temperatures make me shudder. I think we have been one of the coolest places on the map this week which considering this is Miami it's weird. Hope it cools down a bit.


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