29 June 2012

Three Years Ago

Three years ago today Lane and my mom were on the other side of the world meeting our daughter for the very first time.  From the time we saw her face on March 26th in an email until June 29th, all we had were photos.  Finally, she was safe in Lane's arms.

I still can't believe that she's gone from this:
To this:
She is one of a kind.  Who knew she would blossom into such a bright, funny, energetic, spitfire of a dare devil.  She has no fear.  She has jumped into the pool at my parents house several times without wearing her water wings and could care less if she sinks.  When someone pulls her out, she's laughing hysterically.  Luckily, someone has been in the pool when she's done this.  My guess is she'd jump from the roof of our house if she could.  She's definitely keeping us on our toes!  Crazy kid!

Happy Gotta Day Anniversary!!!


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