22 February 2010

Chef Emi

For her birthday Emi got a chef's outfit for pretend play from Tante Dzintra, Uncle Marc and cousins Larisa, Bridget & Aija.  She loves it! (Paldies!)

This morning while I was cleaning up in her room she dragged it over to where I was asking for help in putting it on.  She was so happy and giggly getting dressed to whisk up dishes at her kitchen.  She loves the hat too.  She was wearing it even after she asked for help taking off the coat when she was done whipping up food for me to sample.  As you can seen in the photos, it is HUGE on her.  It's almost down to the floor and I had to roll the the sleeves 2 or 3 times.  It will last her a good long while.  And that is a very good thing!

Getting ready to play.

Pulling out the supplies.
Mixing the ingredients two-handed with two different utensils.

Taste testing to see if it's ready.
More utensils.
It's ready!!!  And it tastes so good!!


  1. OMGosh, this is the cutest thing EVER!

  2. Had lost track of you. So great to see you home with your daughter....she is just lovely, lovely, lovely!! Love the chefs pics!!

    Congrats again, and glad I came across your blog!!

  3. Love it! She looks very serious about her new profession. :)

  4. So cute! Emi is such a serious cook! Maybe restaurant owner is in her future.
    I want one for AA! Where did they buy it (I will start searching the internet!).

    Alyzabeth's Mommy


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