02 March 2010

Just Blink and the Weather Will Change

Ten days ago we had a glorious weekend.  The highs on both Saturday and Sunday were 68 and 70 respectively.  We took the kids to the park for some fresh air.  It was packed since everyone else in our NW Atlanta suburb also thought it was a good day to get out and take the kids or pets to the park.  Lane and Eriks played a little bit of soccer.  Eriks starts his Spring soccer league in a few weeks so Lane thought it would be a good idea to brush up on it from when he played 2 yrs ago in Little Rock.  Emi loved running around too.  I put her in a swing and at first she was terrified.  She was wimpering and not liking it at all.  I reassured her and she was beginning to dig it a little bit.  I think she'll really like it once she gets used to it.  Here are the photos from the afternoon in the warm sun.
Today however was a completely different story where the weather was concerned.  This is what I woke up to:
Snow!  I was actually excited.  I'm a northern girl and when I left Indiana 2 weeks ago after Emi's birthday party I was really, really, really sad to leave the snow.  There was plenty of it on the ground and plenty of it falling to the ground the day we pulled out of my parents' driveway.  This is the 2nd time in about 3 weeks the metro has seen a decent covering of snow.  Eriks luckily had a 1/2 day at school.  But even so the roads were not bad at all.  Unfortunately, I'm sure by the morning it will all be gone but it was pretty while it lasted.  Especially the huge flakes that were falling.  It was breathtaking watching it fall.  Eriks was loving it.  Here are a few more snapshots I took.
I made the mini-snowman on our hose reel.  Yes, he's armless but we have no trees in our backyard and I couldn't come up with anything to use instead.  His eyes are skittles.  The nose is a mini carrot and the mouth is part of a piece of taffy.  The dogs found him and skillfully ate the nose and mouth without knocking him over.  Not sure he'll still be standing in the morning though.  How could I not make him?  This might be the last snow of the season and I have to make at least 1 snowman when it snows!!


  1. We've had the same now - 10 days of gorgeous blue skies and temperatures almost in double figures. So nice to know spring is coming.

    Eriks is looking really tall in the photos! How fast they change.

  2. You and I are snow sista's! I miss it so much and in a couple of weeks we are heading off to track it down.
    Emi's face on the swing is so funny....how can she not love the swing? Oh well. And what is with Eriks....he is getting so BIG. Wow, they grow much to fast for my liking.
    I cracked up when I saw the snowman and read that the dog ate his nose. I think he is one handsome dude!

  3. Like the new blog look.... the font is easier to read. :)

    Dude, is that the lazy boy supremo of swings???? Is that normal for swings these days? Has the world gone insane???


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