21 February 2010

Emi's 2nd Birthday

Sorry I've been MIA.  The past few weeks were BUSY!!!  Too much on my plate as always and never enough time to accomplish everything I want to.  Lots of Dr's appointments last week and a hearing aid fitting the week before.  Not to mention 4 1/2 days out of town to visit family!

Emi turned 2 on the 10th.  I can't believe she's 2!  It still seems like yesterday I was meeting Lane at the airport when he was returning from China with her and then she was just a day shy of turning 17 months old.  For her birthday we didn't do much.  I just bought some cupcakes and we had takeout for dinner.  Her birthday fell the day before we left town to have a big birthday party with friends and family.  She enjoyed dinner, the cupcake and opening her presents from us and her Grandma and Grandpa in San Antonio.

On Saturday the 13th we had a big party at my parents house with extended family and a few friends.  I still can't believe that we had 40 people in my parents house.  Lane's sister even flew up from Dallas to party with us (thanks Marla).  Lane and I come from big families.  Mine more so than his and most of the guests were from my family.  Emi to our knowledge had never celebrated our birthday and because we did a big party for Eriks' 1st birthday we thought Emi deserved the same for the 1st birthday we celebrated with her.  Plus it was perfect that Eriks had a 4 day break from school the weekend after Emi's birthday.  We had a blast.  Emi loved eating her cake and she's become an old pro at opening presents.  She knows just what to do. 

As I said earlier, Emi got her hearing aid.  In the pictures the pink headband holds her hearing aid.  However, we're waiting for the new one to come in.  There are switches the company should've turned off on it for it to work correctly as a bone conductive aid that they did not.  So we get a ton of feedback on it and it turns it self on and off at will.  Not very helpful in getting Emi to hear.  However, all that being said, she LOVES, LOVES, LOVES it!  When it was first put on her, she just sat in complete and utter silence for 5 minutes taking in all the sounds she could hear.  Her world had changed.  She's no longer living in a world of almost complete silence but she's living in a world where she can hear.  Hopefully tomorrow or Tuesday we'll get the new one and won't have the issues anymore.

The kids went to the doctor on Friday for their yearly physicals.  Emi is still small for her age.  But she is gaining weight and getting taller.  She's grown a little over 3 inches and gained 6 lbs since coming home.  The pediatrician is happy with how she's coming along.  She also received one immunization which she did not like at all.  But how many of us really like to get shots?  Eriks is a big boy for his age.  He weighs almost 54 lbs and is 46 inches tall.  He is in the 85th percentile for weight and 70th for height.  He's about the size of a 7 yr old.  He too had his final Hep A series.  It was funny because he was hysterical about getting another shot.  He didn't want it.  He was finally pinned down by the nurse and Lane put his hand over Eriks mouth as Eriks requested.  It was over in nothing flat and afterward he said, "That was it?"  We said, yes, you freaked out over nothing. 

Emi starts speech therapy soon which is really big.  She's definitely making more noises now that she can hear.  She's almost saying "Hi"  It actually sounds more like "Hiya".  We're trying to teach her "Bye".  We're still using sign as a bridge and learning more every week.  It's great to have that form of communication with Emi until she starts speaking.  She is currently at the level of a 1 yr old and it's going to take about a year for her to catch up to where she should be.  So we have a long road ahead of her but hoping that maybe things move more quickly than expected. 

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  1. Thinks sound busy with you!

    How great to have the hearing aid already helping Emi; hope you get it properly adjusted soon. And good luck too with the speech therapy. I'm sure you'll see her making amazing progress very quickly.

    Love all the birthday photos - another Hello Kitty fan in the world :) And glad Eriks survived his shots - he sounds very like my brother over getting them.

    Have a great week.


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