21 December 2009

Walt Disney World - Day 4

I apologize for the delay in the continuation of our trip recap.  It was a crazy week/weekend.  Eriks turned 6 on Thursday.  Hoping to get the trip recap done by the end of the week!

So day 4 we went to Epcot.  The weather was slightly cloudy but it was warming up.  I figure the high that day was about 67 or 68.  The 1st ride we went on was Spaceship Earth (aka the big silver golf ball).  This is a really fun ride.  Then the boys ran off and rode Test Track.  We girls hung out and enjoyed a snack and people watched.  After snack, we were really hungry so we headed over to the Land and had lunch.  The restaurant was freezing cold so it did not make for an enjoyable lunch.  After lunch, Emi was exhausted so Lane and my dad who still wasn't feeling 100% took her back to the room to take a nap and my mom and I took Eriks on some other rides.

Dinner that night was at Narcoossee's at the Grand Floridian.  Lane, Eriks & I had dinner at Narcoossee's last year for Lane's 40th birthday.  The food was fantastic as always.  Unfortunately, part of my steak came out nearly raw (not medium as I had requested) and they ended up comping us all of Emi's meal.  I was a little disappointed that it happened but I was close to being full so I probably wouldn't have eaten it all anyway.  The dessert I had was fantastic.  It was another one I took a photo of.  My parents also loved the dinner there.  We had a great window view of the Magic Kingdom from our table.  We all left happy and full.

The Grand Floridian is one of the most beautifully decorated resorts at Christmastime.  I could've sat there all day long taking in the holiday decorations.  Every year they build a life-size gingerbread house that they sell gingerbread and other holiday goodies from.  It was really cool to finally see it in person. 

This is what it takes to make the gingerbread house you will see in the photo below:
1,050 lbs of honey
600 lbs of powdered sugar
800 lbs of flour
140 pints of egg whites
180 lbs of apricot glaze

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  1. Great stories, beautiful pics. Your kiddos are darling. Hope your 2010 is a wonderful one.


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