10 December 2009

Back Home

We're back!!  We had a fabulous time in FL visiting with Mickey.Mouse and the gang.  The week flew by and I had wished we had more time there.  Eriks reaction to finding out we were driving to FL instead of IN was priceless.  I'm hoping to upload the video tonight or tomorrow and post it here. 

The weather is much colder now - 32 degrees!!!  That is a far cry from the 86 that it was when we left the resort parking lot.  At least we didn't go back to snow like my parents did.  Their high today is 18 degrees but I don't know it will reach that.  It's 10 degrees now!  Brrr...

Back to laundry and putting stuff away.  We're decorating the house this weekend for Christmas and it needs to be clean and organized before we do that.


  1. Now it's back to reality. And it STINKS! LOL!! Good luck Disney detoxing. It still isn't completely out of my system.

    Pictures and video please!!!!!!

  2. Hope y'all had fun! And we'd love to see some photos.

  3. But at least your weather is Christmassey.......ours is hot enough to roast marshmallows.


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