26 August 2012

State Fair Time!

A few weeks ago we took Emi and Eriks as well as my niece L to the state fair.  The weather was fantastic that day.  It was warm and sunny but not hot.  My kind of weather.  Edite, my sister went too so that we had 3 adults and 3 kids.  My sister was going to go with us that day and that morning, L was with my sister and was begging to go with us. Edite told L she had to call and ask us if she could go.  It was so cute to hear L's little voice on the phone say, "Can I go to the state fair?"  How could you say no.

The kids loved the animals, the food and especially the rides at the Midway.  I think their favorite of all the rides though was the giant ferris wheel.  We got to the fair about 3 pm and left 7 hours later.  All the kids fell asleep on the way home and slept late the next day.  Here are the pictures of our fun day.

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  1. So fun! They look like they had a blast! We are going to our first fair of the year this weekend and Bri is super excited!


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