31 August 2012

Pre-K Field Trip

Emi had her first of what I have been told will be quite a few field trips.  I was told by Emi's teacher last year that the 2 Pre-K teachers really like getting the kids out of the classroom for learning experiences.  As summer is wrapping up, they are teaching them all about summer activities, things to do during the summer, etc.  Just the other day, the kids were talking about the ocean and the beach.

Last Thursday, the class went to a splash park and a local beach to participate in summer activities.  The parents are always welcome to participate but I was kind of disappointed that I was the only parent that was there.  Oh well.  I had fun anyhow.  The kids had a good time too.  Although they went to the splash park 1st and the water coming out of all the fixtures was not very warm and Emi was shivering after only a short amount of time playing.  I think it would've been a better idea to go to the splash park 2nd not only because it would've been hotter in the day but then the kids could've rinsed off all the sand from the beach.  Emi enjoyed playing along the beach more than she liked going into the water.  She's not really fond of going in water where she can't see the bottom very well.  I have no idea where she gets that from.  I too am not a fan of swimming in places I can't see the bottom.  I'll do it, but I'm not completely at ease doing it.

Enjoy the photos from her 1st field trip!

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  1. I love the photos and i agree with both of you about swimming anywhere where you can't clearly see the bottom.

    Oh and the OCD in me says well obviously you go to to the splash park second to rinse off the sand. LOL. (but you knew I'd agree with that :) )


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