05 August 2011

Pool Playdate (from June)

Back in June, just about a week before life was turned upside down by Lane's retirement and our move, we had to have one more friendly playdate with Miss Bri.  Oh, how we miss her and her mom!  We headed over to their awesome pool and spend a very hot afternoon trying to keep cool.  Eriks was off on his own jumping over and over into the deep end.  Bri and Emi stayed in the shallower end while Lisa and I had some adult conversation.

It was such a great way to close our time in Georgia with friends like them.  I know Eriks misses Miss Bri because she was his first friend there.  Hopefully we'll be able to convince them to come for a visit some time so I can show them some Hoosier hospitality.

1 comment:

  1. Awww, we miss you all too! We had such a fun time that day. I know will get to your neck of the woods one day! Hugs!


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