21 June 2011

Lego Creations

About 10 days ago when I needed some time to get a few things done, I asked begged my children to go build some really cool stuff with Eriks' lego*s.  I think it's a written rule in kids' handbooks to bother their parents when they are on the phone.  I had been trying to make phone calls for awhile that day and I absolutely needed to get things taken care of.  I also promised Eriks that I would take photos of the things he and Emi made and post them on my blog. So I'm living up to my promise and posting.  Eriks is really great a building things.  The creations he built were pretty cool but he's created some even cooler things.  But my mission was accomplished by getting them to do this and most of my phone calls were made.

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  1. HI! I hope you don't mind; I linked to your blog! It is so amazing to see you and your children. I just wanted you to know how inspiring you are to CHD moms! Thank you.


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