17 October 2010

Emi's First Haircut

I have been letting Emi's hair grow since she came home from China last summer with the exception of trimming up her bangs myself to keep her from looking like a shaggy dog.  While in Dallas we took Emi to get her 1st haircut.  It was an adventure to say the least.  She can't hear without her hearing aid so trying to get her to do what she needed to do via signing was not going to cut it for her.  She was OK the 1st couple of cuts but after that she wanted none of it.  So she ended up sitting in my lap while I tried to keep her head straight to get her hair cut.  I also thought a hair cut would do her good in helping her hair grow faster.  She was really happy after it was all over with and liked her haircut.  Hopefully the next haircut won't be as big of a chore as the 1st one.  I wish I would've been able to get a better picture of the back of her hair because it was pretty long.  The sides were short but the back was long.  It's almost as though she was sporting a mullet!

She looks so cute her in her little flippy bob. 


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