07 April 2010

Feels Like Summertime

It's been super warm here.  Above average temps.  It started last Thursday with highs in the mid 70's and the past few days it's been 80 degrees or more.  However, there's a cold front on the way and we're supposed to drop down to temps in the mid 60's for the next few days and back up to the 70's after.  I am so thankful Spring has shown up.  It took forever for it to get here.

With the weather being so nice we went out to dinner on Friday night and ate outside on the restaurant's patio.  It was so nice sitting outside.  They have a playground so the kids played while we waited for our table.  The problem came after we were seated and it took over an hour for us to get our dinner.  We were not happy but we weren't complaining.  I think the server noticed that this was ridiculous and that our kids were cranky and went to speak to the manager about the huge wait for our dinner.  The manager came over and she said because of our wait and how unacceptable that was, she was going to give us our entire dinner on the house.  I still need to sit down and write a letter of thank you.  We so weren't expecting it and we gave our server a trip larger than 20%.  I'm sure she appreciated it!  I got a few photos of the kids playing on the playground.  Eriks was running around so much I only got a couple of him.  Emi loved it.  She especially loved going down the slide.  It was actually her 1st time ever going down one.  
Emi took "see-food" a little too literally.  We were actually at a seafood restaurant for dinner and she decided to show it off.  Yummy, right?

I unfortunately did not get ANY Easter photos on Sunday.  This really bit the big one.  The kids were not compliant at all that day in front of the camera.  I'm thinking I might be able to get them dressed up on Saturday and attempt "Easter/Spring" photos.  

The other day we were all outside while Lane was mowing the grass weeds.  The kids pulled out bikes, trikes, scooters, push cars...they were having a blast.  Took photos of them at play.
Nothing much else going on with us.  We're hoping Lane can do something fun with us this Friday - the last day of Spring Break.  We didn't go anywhere this year.  Eriks wishes we had gone to FL for vacation.  We're definitely going away somewhere next year although not sure where.  We went to visit a friend stationed at Robins AFB yesterday.  Lane had to have his yearly physical for work so we got out of the house and went with him.  It was fun seeing her and she took photos of my kiddos.  She's getting her photography business up and going.  You can see a few of the photos of the kiddos here.  She's mailing me the disk of photos she took.  She's making me want to get better at my photography too!


  1. They're terrific photos: love Eriks gap toothed smile :)

  2. Cute pics. I wanted to let you guys know that there is a travel group reunion for the families that went to China last June. It's scheduled for the last weekend in June in St. Louis. You might already be aware, but just in case. Happy Spring. Lopers in Texas


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