04 January 2012

When You Need a Laugh...

I know I've said it somewhere before but Emi is definitely the comedian in the family.  She will do anything to make you smile and get a laugh.  Well almost.  Her temper tantrums certainly don't make us smile but thankfully they only happen a few times a week and are mostly tolerable.

Two days after Christmas we got the snow I've been praying begging for since the beginning of December.  It would've been much nicer to have it on Christmas Day, but I took the 2-3 inches that fell anyway.  We spent the better part of the morning in PJ's that day.  The week before Christmas had been a flurry of activity and starting on the 26th, I wanted to spend a few days being a bum.

I was sitting on my bed doing some after Christmas research on my laptop when Emi ran in and started her antics.  She was super excited about something.  I asked her a question and she responded with, "I don't know!'  Lane was here too as he had followed her up.  That was the first time we had heard her make a coherent sentence like that.  I was floored.  Most of her responses have still been via ASL and 1 or 2 word utterances.  But clear as a bell it came out.  She said it a few times more and so the i.Phone came out and the video started rolling.  Her gestures with her response told me that she understood.  Lane and I spent the next few minutes giggling with delight.  She found something to make us laugh and kept on rolling with it.

Enjoy seeing it for yourself!


  1. I don't know, what to say. Oh wait, yes I do: Emi is the cutest little bug and her voice just melts me.

  2. So cute. What a great moment to capture :)


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