24 October 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

I was awarded my 1st blogger award by Liene over at Femme au foyer for my honest, positive blogging style.
I have to admit that there are times where that is not so easy to do.  Life has thrown us quite a few curve balls this year - Eriks' diagnosis being the big one.  His doctor was put on bed rest due to her pregnancy and is still finishing up the report so that we can start OT which he desperately needs and likely medicine to keep him at an even keel through the day.

All the rooms in the house have now been painted with the exception of some touch up work.  This is a very good thing since Grandma & Grandpa are going to be in town from Texas later this week and are staying with us.  Now it's just a matter of finishing up putting stuff on the walls and away in the storage room.  I am desperately trying to find a china cabinet that I can paint black and put in the dining room.  I have boxes of china and crystal that I would like to start using again.

We had an uneventful weekend.  Put together a desk for the office which Lane is currently using (no class today).  I have not stamped or crafted anything since before we moved up to Indy and I have been itching to do stuff.  Now I have a desk I can sit at and work at during the day.  Watched my Colt$ lose miserably last night.  The head coach needs to go.  Made a fabulous pot roast for dinner last night and had my parents over for dinner.  My dad was over here putting up insulation in our garage where there wasn't any.  I figured I could give him a good dinner for his work (thanks Dad).

Have a good week and I will have some photos of Grandma and Grandpa's visit over the weekend!!

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  1. congratulations on your award. You deserve. Love following along because of your truthfulness.


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