04 October 2011

Ballerina Emi

A few Saturdays ago while I was cleaning house, my bedroom to be exact, Emi went into her dresser and found the leotard handed down from her cousins and a ballerina skirt that came with a pajama set.  The leotard is honestly too small and I need to get her a new one because she loved that thing and refused to take it off.  The music was going via our satellite TV and she began dancing around.  Unfortunately she was moving so fast that some of the pictures I got were blurry and I wasn't happy about that.  But she makes one stinking cute ballerina and I would like to see how she would do in a dance class.  Maybe when she turns four we will give it a whirl.


  1. These put a smile on my face this morning... Thanks!

  2. Love your sweet little ballerina! We miss you all so much too!


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