02 July 2014

Catching Up

Between work, the house, the kids and a little bit of everything else, I've been super busy.  Since my last post, I celebrated a birthday.  My last birthday of my 30's.  And no, I'm not sad or freaked out over turning 40 next year.  I'm actually excited about 40.  My sister made me an awesome cake.  She seriously needs to go into business.  She made Lane's graduation cake and other cakes over the past few years and has gotten good at her craft.  Sorry the photos aren't so great.  They were taken with my phone, not my good DSLR camera.

We celebrated the Latvian midummer solstice celebration known as Jāņi in Michigan.  Unfortunately, our celebrating was cut short by a 3 hour long thunderstorm.  We ended up going back to my parents trailer and sat on their  covered deck enjoying the light show until the rain ended. The next day it was a perfect day to take the kids out on the boat to try our new inflatable ride on tow.  The kids, especially Emi loved the new toy.  She was laughing and grinning from ear to ear.  She wanted to ride the lake all day.  Unfortunately though, we had to get home because I had to return to work and Lane had bar review class on Monday.

However, we returned last weekend to drop Eriks off at camp and I'm heading up by myself with Emi for a weeks worth of R & R while Lane hangs out at home with the animals and finishes up his bar review class before he starts intense studying for the bar exam.  The weather should be good all next week and it'll be fun hanging out with my friends who also have their kids up there at camp for a few weeks.

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