30 December 2011

Latvian School Play

It's that time of year and I've had no time to blog.  Please accept my sincere apology.  Over the next couple days, I am going to work on catching up on the events of the past few weeks and I am going to work hard in the new year to blog more.

So nearly 2 weeks ago Eriks had his last day of Latvian school before Christmas break.  Latvian school is once a week.  In the fall and spring it takes place on Friday nights and during the winter it's on Saturdays. In the younger grades the kids learn Latvian songs, Latvian folk dances, reading, writing and grammar.  When Eriks is older, he will learn Latvian history and geography.  I am a Latvian school graduate and although I hated the homework and giving up my Saturdays as a kids, I am very thankful I had that kind of opportunity to learn about the country my family came from.

On the last day of Latvian school the students put on a Latvian Christmas play.  As a kid the majority of the time they include animals, elves, evergreen trees...typical Christmas stuff.  Eriks was an elf this year in the play.  He had one line to deliver and did it with style.  The kids also sang some Latvian Christmas songs and did some dancing.  It was very cute and we enjoyed it.  After the play Santa made a visit to the kids and gave them presents.

 My little goofball!
 Christmas music being played on traditional Latvian instruments.  
 My niece L was a rabbit in the play.

 My other two school age nieces B and A were also elves like Eriks.  B is standing right next 
to Eriks and A is in a dress that matches her sisters (second from left).
This is the photo I took of the kids and used for our Christmas cards this year.  

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  1. Lovely photos. I'm having the exact same blogging issue just now and have so much to catch up on too. glad you're back and looking forward to catching up.


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