21 September 2011

Coming or Going???

Yeah, I haven't figured it out either.  I have been a bad blogger because my life is utter chaos right now and I'm hoping to have it back under control in a few weeks.

It all started when Eriks went back to school about a month ago.  After we got him in school we were in a feverous pitch to get Emi where she needed to be.  That did not come easy.  Although I spent a few years of my K-12 schooling in public schools, I can clearly see why my parents chose private schools when they could and why Lane and I from the start decided we wanted our kids in private schools.  I'm going to condense this as best as I can.  We found out when Indiana.School for the Deaf started classes and went directly to them to get Emi registered for their Pre-K program because we found out that there is no program like what she had in GA in any of the county schools.  We were told by I.S.D. that we had to have permission from our school system to send her there.  Seriously???  I was beyond ticked off.  So we set up a conference with Westfield.Washington Schools to discuss what would best meet Emi's needs even though I knew exactly what she needed.  We spent nearly 90 minutes going back and forth.  The school system was convinced they could accommodate Emi even though they couldn't guarantee the intense speech therapy she needed nor was there anyone who could sign to her.  If it weren't for her BCA (bone-conductive aid) she would be completely deaf.  There are times where she will be unable to wear it - bathing, swimming, etc and she will need ASL for communication.  Lane and I couldn't get that across to the school system.  They were so in the mindset that if she has a hearing aid now, she's fine and needs to be in a regular classroom.  We held firm and said that what they had to offer Emi was not good enough.  They finally let us have our way.  It was frustrating and infuriating.  I am not happy with our school system at all and thankful Eriks is in a private school.  I pray that Emi never has to go to a public school in our school system so long as we live in this house.  Anyhow, Emi finally started school on Monday and loves it!  It's amazing that just a few days of signing and speech again gives her the motivation to start signing and talking again.  Not to say she wasn't doing it at all.  But she loves school and has wanted to go back all summer.  I know she misses Jenna, Karen and Lauren so much, but is enjoying her new teacher.

I have gone through medical h-e-l-l trying to set up specialists for myself.  As much as I liked the cardiologist and nurse practitioner at Emory, I hated Emory itself.  I wouldn't recommend anyone seek medical services there at all.  I'm sure there are many wonderful Dr's there, but the support staff and administration stinks!  I needed more test strips for a machine I use to check my blood.  Similar to a glucose meter but it's to check the thickness of my blood.  My CHD followers will understand INR levels.  The clinic there would not approve more test strips since I no longer lived in the area even though until I see the new cardiologist, I'm still a patient there.  I could choose to travel there, but I'm not going to.  I called my new cardio's office and explained the situation and we're working on getting it taken care of.  So very, very thankful.  It has definitely been stress I don't need.  I was in tears over this last week.  If I don't check it every 4 weeks I could be putting myself at risk for a stroke or a bleed.

Lane's crazy busy with school leaving me dealing with pretty much everything.  This is so not what I signed up for but the 1st year of law school is the hardest.  We had the water heater replaced today.  It's the 3rd one this 13 yr old house has had.  Why the previous owners didn't have an expandable water heater before, we have no idea.  Thankfully most of it was covered under the home warranty we insisted upon when we bought the house.  Our fridge broke last week.  Yeah, after 2 months the fridge went out.  Repair guy came out Monday and yesterday to replace one of the 3 motherboards that control it and it's not a motherboard issue.  It's an internal issue that probably occurred during manufacturing.  So now I'm waiting on Sam$ung to approve replacement even though the fridge is under warranty.  Meanwhile I'm going to the store almost daily because it's not in fridge/freezer in the garage.  Thank gawd for the backup or I would've lost a lot of groceries.  I have always loved my Sam$ung electronics and appliances but this really bites.  It's a brand new model they recently rolled out too!

When it rains, it pours!!!

I know there's more stuff that I should talk about but I'm out of time.  Too much to do and kids need to be picked up from school in just over an hour.

Hopefully I'll be back soon with some photos, etc.


  1. Hmmm. September stinks with me too. Must be something in the air! Hope yours gets better soon. I'm simply burying my head in the sand until it's all over!

  2. Hang in there! (And I like the new look!)

  3. Yikes. You need a break! Hope things settle down now and all the kinks get ironed out.

  4. Ooh, I like the new look! Much easier to read this font too.


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