21 March 2011

Month in Review

Not sure how long of a post this is going to be.  There hasn't been a ton going on over the past month but it hasn't been dead around here either.

Over President's Day weekend we headed to IN for our niece I's baptism and to do some house-hunting.  I's baptism was very nice.  Our niece, I was baptized by the same priest Emi was.  Just like Emi, niece I screamed and cried the entire time.  We joked that it had something to do with the priest if he was making them cry.

Lane and I also got to check out about 10 houses that weekend while we were there.  None of the houses were a fit for us.  There were a few that might have been possibilities but decided that we didn't want to settle for something we didn't love.  More houses are coming on the market every day now that Spring is here.  We've actually had my parents look at a few houses and there is one that might be the one.  I am hoping to head up this Saturday to get a look at it myself.  There are a few others they've also looked at that they think we might like so I'll check those out too but there definitely is a front-runner.

While I stayed in Indy with Emi I went up to visit Lane's grandma with his siblings and their kids.  The only grandkid missing was Eriks because he had to be in school in GA.  We had a nice visit with Grandma Wolf at her retirement community.  She hadn't seen Emi in over a year.  She hadn't seen my SIL Marla's son, M in a long time and this was her first time meeting new great-granddaughter, I.  I'm hoping it wasn't too overwhelming for her having 6 great-grandkids around.

I started taking an ASL class at the local community center.  It's only once a week and for 8 weeks.  I wish it several times a week and longer than 8 weeks.  I am loving it.  It is so important for me to learn ASL because Emi is and because she will need it to communicate.  There are times she will not be able to wear her hearing aid and will need to communicate using her hands.  My hope is that when we move, I'll be able to take ASL classes at one of the universities in order to become fluent. 

Emi is doing well in school.  It's still weird being in the house for about 6 hrs a day without any kids.  I am amazed at what she is learning and love how excited she is at the end of the school day when she proudly shows me what she did at school that day or signs she's learned.  She really enjoys it.  Every morning she gets up and signs school.  I say, yes and she smiles.  There are only a total of 5 kids in her class, one teacher and 2 parapro's.  Three adults to 5 kids in my opinion is awesome.  I really like all 3 of them and think they are awesome with the kids.  I will definitely miss this for Emi because I don't know yet what is available to her in Indy.  I am working on finding out.
Emi on St. Patrick's Day.  She had a blast with her class and they did so many fun little activities.  She came home looking like a little leprechaun.  

Eriks was diagnosed with mild AD/HD in February.  The doctor treating him for it doesn't believe it's bad enough for him to be on medication.  She's actually not of the belief that unless it's severe/clinical that kids need to be on meds for it.  So I'm waiting on some natural supplements she recommended to arrive in my mailbox so we can start giving them to him.  Some days are better than others.  We're curbing things in his diet more than we used to and the poor kid doesn't understand why.  I'm going to have to start buying more sugar-free goodies so that he's not completely deprived.  

I think that's about it for now.  Spring break is just about 2 weeks away and I can't wait to get out of dodge for awhile and relax.  I am so looking forward to it. 


  1. Even when you claim you are doing nothing you are busy!
    So glad Emi is adjusting to school.
    IMHO you will see a huge difference if Eriks through his diet and especially if you watch for dyes and food colouring. So many are banned in Europe but are allowed here.
    Good luck with the house hunting. We found an area that we fell in love with, up near Orlando, this past weekend.

  2. Love the baptism photo.

    And good luck with the house hunting. Always such a stressful thing.

    I agree with Dawn that you will hopefully see a huge difference with Eriks just thru diet adjustments. So glad your doctor didn't go the prescription route. I have seen so many children given R,italin unnecessarily that I am very sceptical of how many children really need it. I'd also suggest adding a daily tablet of Omega 3 fish oil (EFA, or essential fatty acid) to his diet. I'd imagine you can get it at any good health food shop as it has been shown that kids with AD/HD are often lower than they should be in Omega 3 and a supplement really aids their inattention, hyperactivity and impulsive behaviour. In fact studies have shown it provides improvement quicker than and as a good as R,italin.

    Best of luck with everything. Hope you manage to find a new ASL class and the house of your dreams.


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