04 January 2011

Eriks' Birthday Party

Happy New Year Everyone!!  We had a very rough end to 2010 but I will discuss that in another post in the future.  Eriks went back to school today after a little over a 2 week break from school.  I'm happy but sad that the winter break drew to a close.  Our Christmas decorations are still up and will come down this weekend.  They haven't even been up a month and I'd like them to hand around a little bit longer.

Eriks had his birthday party the weekend before his birthday.  The reason we decided to do this is because his birthday fell on the Friday winter break started and my guess was that many people were going to start their holiday traveling that weekend and/or preparing for company.  We decided it would be best to not have his birthday party then for fear that a number of his friends would not be able to come.  Even on the weekend we did have his birthday just over 1/2 of the kids Eriks invited attended.  Mid-December is not a good time to have a birthday.  I'm thinking in the future we may start having 1/2 birthday parties in the summer when kids are out of school and more readily available for parties.  Plus it will give Eriks the opportunity to have a birthday party when it's warm!

Eriks chose to have his birthday at a bounce place.  The staff there was fantastic.  They did all the set up, clean up, running the party, etc.  All we had to do was show up, provide cake and pay for it.  So worth it!  The 14 kids in attendance had a blast.  They were all drenched in sweat after bouncing their little hearts content.  They then gobbled down pizza and cake and watched Eriks open presents.  In my opinion this is the best birthday party Eriks has had.  He couldn't stop talking about it.  Here are some photos of the event.

 Eriks wanted a Ben_10 cake so he got it!
 I tried to get a good photo of all the kids but it's impossible
to get 14 kids who have been bouncing for 1 hr and 20 minutes
to sit still enough for a photo!

 A very sweaty birthday boy!


  1. It was a super fun party! Briana had a blast! The bouncy place was really, really good. Thanks for inviting us!

  2. Happy belated birthday to Eriks. Cool party place.


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