04 August 2010

Pool Play Date

The Thursday before we left for our vacation which was 3 weeks ago we had a pool date with Miss Briana and Lisa.  It was a great day as the sun was shining and the temps were perfect for staying cool in the pool!  Lisa and I bought our girls the same swimsuit without each others knowledge.  When Lisa posted some photos of Briana wearing the suit either on her blog or Face.book did I notice that I had bought Emi the exact same swimsuit.  Guess we both have good taste!  So we both (without discussion) put the girls in the same suit that day.  I'm sure there were some people at the pool that thought that the girls were sisters. 

Emi had a blast.  She loves the pool and it is impossible to keep her out of the water.  Once school starts I'm going to have to look into some sort of Aquatots swim lessons for her in hopes that she might be swimming by herself next summer.  Briana has become a great swimmer!  She's been taking lessons this summer and her teacher is great and it shows. 

Here are the photos from the afternoon.  Enjoy!
Emi has the greatest facial expressions.  You never know what she'll do next with it!
I'll be playing catch up so look for lots of posts over the next few days!

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